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Radiant Appliance and Electronics is a top-tier manufacturing company that specializes in consumer electronics and home appliances. We have developed an HRMS application to manage the everyday workforce and payouts. Our HRMS has been designed with their needs in mind: It’s easy to use, intuitively organized, and customizable, built around the company’s values and culture.


With all of the data that the company now has access to, We were able to create a kind of HRMS application that can track the login and outs of the employee, their shifts, and productivity. They also manage vendors from whom they receive the workforce and have every detail of the employee on their device.


The human resource department can be a major pain point for businesses. They maintained multiple timesheets, leave sheets, and other reports for tracking employees’ performance. But these things are not easy to manage because it requires manual effort from the HR manager to keep them updated as well as required data from multiple sources in Excel or other spreadsheet software. They were looking for software that will help them manage human resource reporting, so they asked for a customized tool that could solve their problem.


The biggest challenge was getting our HR system to work as expected. Testing everything, including basic functioning and navigation, integration, and production of key reports was challenging. Particularly important is the parallel testing with the old system or way of doing things. The bottom line for our client is that the new HRMS must be better than how things were done before – you’re looking to be sure that the new system will outperform the old.

Our Solutions

We developed an app that assisted the business in managing and tracking employees’ everyday timings, and assigned shifts, and maintaining workforce transparency.

Centralized HR Information System This app has made their work categorization easy with several manufacturing lines and stages with department details. It allows the firm to keep personnel data for managing attendance by entering the details required in accordance with policy. It is simple to get employee information whenever needed, thanks to the dashboard.

Complete Organization Structure The company is now aware of the contractor’s information, including Vendor name, Labor license number, and bank account information for payments. They can also access details about the provided human resources like the sign-in and sign-out timings, shift schedule, number of employees working today, and number of workers on leave which improved transparency.

Reports and Metrics The app allows managers to perform performance audits on each employee with detailed information on how they are doing at work. This gives managers a good idea of how well their employees are performing in order to motivate them further!

Finally, the app allows managers to deploy the number of employees required in each shift based on demand so that they can meet their production goals without hiring new ones!


We’ve developed a solution that allows for the management of employee records, onboarding tasks, payroll processing, and keeping company documentation in a secure place. It also provides a lot of daily HR functions. The data stored in one repository ensures high security and quick sharing among company workers.

Visual Output

We have selected the elements carefully because we have to keep them informative and aesthetic at the same time. We have used light modes, different colors, visual interactions, and suitable infographics to optimize the user experience.

The design is based on the idea of a unified and connected space for all kinds of users. The company logo is in the center of each page to create a consistent brand identity for all users. The sections are arranged in the best way with customer-centric content.


More Control With this HRMS software, organizations can manage and monitor their employee’s attendance and leaves in a way that makes sense for them. We’ve designed an app that helps employees stay organized by making it easy to track their time and attendance while also allowing them to see the results of their work on a daily basis.

Greater Efficiency The solution has increased the greatest characteristics of performance management, perfect digital onboarding, and better reports and metrics to create purposeful workplaces. The app has been very well-received by our clients so far—and we think you’ll love it too!

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One-stop HR management

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