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6 Months

MyAva is a female-centric health and wellness platform. We believe that women deserve to be supported, informed, and empowered in their quest for wellness.
We helped MyAva in developing a platform where they can connect with their audience, share experiences, and learn how they can better manage their health through a platform that is easy to use.

Through the use of the app, MyAva has helped millions of women around the world better understand their bodies and live fuller lives. Our platform connects women with experts in fields like Gynecology, Nutrition, Dermatology, and Fitness.


Our objective was to develop a solution that would work across all platforms, including mobile and desktop browsers. We wanted to create a system that would allow the business function of MyAva to reach potential customers in a way that was simple and intuitive.

We also identified that they needed a web app for desktop browsers so they could promote their products more effectively and ensure their clients were able to access their services.


Performance problems aren’t just missed revenue, they are missed opportunities to build customer trust with a fast-loading app. The client was looking to redesign it according to their present business needs. Our UX designers took input from the client and designed a complete application. By looking at the quality and understanding the business to deliver the best possible outcome, we identified that they would benefit from:

  • A mobile solution that would work across all platforms
  • A web app for desktop browsers
  • A PWA for mobile devices, where users could access other features of the site without having to leave the app entirely.

We also identified that there were some issues with Deeplinking, which meant that users would have to click multiple times before reaching an element of interest on our site.


It is not a cakewalk to build an app and get it approved by Customers. However, a lot of research and attention was highly required to overcome challenges. We needed extensive focus and clear business goals to build this app.

The first challenge was the design, which is very important for any app because it’s the first impression people get about your product. The design must be appealing to all types of users, including non-techies who are not familiar with mobile phones and apps. There were several things that we did differently in this project than other apps, including making sure that the design was user-friendly by incorporating elements like color schemes and fonts that would appeal to everyone regardless of age, gender or race; using high-quality graphics so they looked good on any device.


Our Solutions

Home Screen Dashboard
As a result of working with us, the client had multiple meetings with us, passing along the knowledge they’d acquired. To create one dashboard for all modules, we designed suitable UX screens together. In particular, Period Tracker and Diet Tracker.

Diet Tracker
Modules include Admin, Customer, and Doctor. Our process for developing a customer or doctor side feature involves integrating the requirements at the admin end, and then pulling the data back up to the customer or doctor apps to implement the logic, and then displaying the same with custom UX screens. We had engineers who understood complex logic and could extract data from CMS and process it into something usable on new UX screens we developed.

Period Tracker
In order to track Periods, Ovulation Days, and other Phases, we have developed a unique and simple method. As a result of our engineers’ efforts, they were able to display the appropriate foods according to the phases of their lives. The UI was designed to display all functions on one page so that users could quickly understand it.

Health Score
Our Health Score calculator is designed to give you an overview of your positive and negative health status. The BMI, Menstrual, Hormone, Nutritional, Mental, and Screening modules all include questions with options for a positive or negative score. This score indicates the state of your health in each respective area. If you’re experiencing any health problems, our team of nutritionists can create a personalized diet plan to help with weight loss, PCOS, diabetes, thyroid issues, and fertility.

My Studio
At my studio, we want to help people who are struggling with PCOS/PCOD, fertility, thyroid, obesity, or diabetes. We have a user-friendly interface that allows users to receive customized videos based on their health needs. My Studio also recommends the most popular videos to each user so they can get the help they need.


As a software development company, we understand the importance of software quality. Our approach to improving the application involves examining analytical data and outlining user personas based on their specific needs, enhancing navigation, and designing user flow to meet those needs. We also use this approach when we are redesigning your website or creating new apps for you.

Style Guide

We created a design system with guidelines for each design element after creating our high-fidelity wire frames, including visual identity elements, icons, interface components and vector graphics etc.

The Outcomes

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Increase in overall conversions
ROI Increased
User- Satisfaction Improved

Visual Output

We redesigned the application and were able to develop new features in parallel while also releasing them to production within a given time frame. No performance issues were encountered during the process, which meant that we were able to minimize downtime for both users and our internal systems.

All Screen Design

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